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Hevi Beads

Hey all, I just wanted to say a little something about Hevi Beads and their great products. To begin, Hevi Beads are not you ordinary plastic bead company. Hevi Beads are just that, "Hevi". The composition of this bead is of glass and ceramic, making them different from all the plastic fishing beads on the market. The weight of a Hevi Bead is what separates them from the others, because Hevi Beads find the strike zone quicker and also allow for a cleaner presentation. Hevi Beads do not need to be weighted to get them down. The weight of a Hevi Bead is just enough to carry it's self to where the fish are but is not so heavy that it hangs up on bottom. Hevi Beads come in a variety of great fish catching colors and are available in a number of different sizes.
The rigging of beads has also changed thanks to Hevi Beads. By utilizing their Bead-it tool and their Hevi Bands, a bead can now be attached to your fishing line with ease. No longer do you need to remove your hook to change out a color or size or peg a bead using loop knots or toothpicks. This band system is easy to use and cushions your line as it passes through the bead all while keeping the bead in place.
Hevi Beads has also introduced a product called a Hevi Vise. A Hevi Vise looks similar to a fly tying vise but requires no tying. Two aligator clips are spread apart on ths vise allowing a Hevi Band and Bead to be stretched across it's posts. Stretching a hevi band allows for other materials to be introduced to your lure. Combonations of feathers, yarns, and hairs can added with ease and with no thread tying at all. Finished lures are removed from the vise and as the band expands your creations are kept in place. Excees band material is removed and your new lure is complete. With a Hevi Vise, a fisherman can build jigs, fly's, drift rigs and even spinners with ease, saving you time and money.
What is equally impressive and perhaps more important is that Hevi Beads are lead free and safe for the environment, helping to keep our rivers and streams clean for the next generation. With honesty and within all my years on the water, I have never known a product to be more versatile by its design and I feel that Hevi-Beads will soon be turning the fishing industry on their heads. Hevi Beads website can be found on my home page by clicking their logo or by going to

Spring fishing on Lake Ontario!

Hello fellow fisherman,
I’m happy to share with you all that this morning, when I stepped out onto my deck, I was gifted with the first indication of spring. Abundant black stone flies are hatching, which is a promising sign that the fishing season is finally upon us! This means the winter thaw has given way to what I expect to be an early and exciting fishing season. Lake Ontario’s ice flows have receded and Victory Outdoor Sports has opened its doors and will remain operating throughout the year.
In addition to fishing the stealthy and reliable water sources surrounding Lake Ontario, this year Victory Outdoor Sports will also introduce clients to several of the Finger Lakes tributaries, particularly at Naples Creek, home to a wild run of Rainbow Trout. With over 20 miles of fishable waters, thousands of Rainbows will migrate through Naples Creek with an average weight of 4 pounds.
As with the beginning of every season, all equipment has been serviced, cleaned and ready for your catch. All terminal tackle has been restocked and my specialty baits have been tied. Our newly renovated and expanded cabin is ready for accommodations up to 6 adults.
Unlike the fall, spring fishing is difficult to schedule in advance. I have informed some of you that I would be in touch when I knew conditions were ready. Well, folks, the time is now. The greatest Steelhead and Brown Trout fishing of the year is upon us!
This year’s reservations will be served on a first-come first-served basis; therefore it’s necessary for you to contact me to schedule your dates in advance. Trout bookings will be scheduled from today until mid-April, but remember the early bird gets the worm.
I would like to thank all of you who have fished with Victory Outdoor Sports in the past few seasons and I welcome anyone who has interest in booking with us for the first time.
Please feel free to contact me at: or call 845.399.5453

Another season is upon us!

With the upcoming fishing and hunting seasons upon us, Victory Outdoor Sports is proud to announce some new updates for this year.
To begin, this past March the New York State Outdoor Guides Association has asked me to sit with them and serve on the Board of Directors. Their decision and vote has opened my eyes to a broader view of the many different aspects of what it means to be a professional Guide. Victory Outdoor Sports has also made some major improvements to our lodging facility, including more comforts of home ,along with exterior finishes and a new front porch for our abundance of gear.
Also, I am very proud to announce my acceptance to the Simms Pro Fishing Team. Being accepted as a guide for one of the most recognized names in fishing has brought true confidence that Victory Outdoor Sports is on track to be one of New York’s best hunting and fishing outfitters. Please take some time to review our website for updated photos and current articles of fishing in the Lake Ontario region.

Lodging for Oswego County, Wayne County and Cayuga County

Victory Outdoor Sports is happy to announce that we have now opened our doors to a wider variety of guests looking to spend time on beautiful Lake Ontario. Our guests vary from those looking to spend time with their children attending Oswego State University to those looking to party down at Oswego's Harborfest. We also can accommodate wedding parties, bachelor groups, wine tours for bachelorette parties and families who just want to get away from it all. Our lodging is very private and will accommodate up to six adults with all the amenities of home.

New York Fishing at its Best

Most people think of the bright lights and the busy city when they hear the words “New York.”  However, New York fishing as a whole offers a lot of great opportunity for all fishing enthusiasts regardless of skill level.

Salmon River Fishing

Understanding the addictive power of Salmon angling is only known by the people that have tried their hand at salmon fishing.

A Sincere Thank You From Fish Victory

As mentioned before, Victory Outdoor Sports was born with the help of some really great people. This blog was wriiten for the purpose of thanking some of the people that have helped along the way.

Kurt Schultz ... First Blog

Blog? What is this? Please do not be intimidated by its’ name. This blog page is a place where you and I can communicate. It’s a place where I can instantly upload video and keep a journal of our path takings.