Fishing Lake Ontario Tributaries

New York State abounds with lots of good fishing opportunities. A wide variety of fish can be caught in several lakes, streams and rivers. One of the most popular and productive place is Lake Ontario and its tributaries. This network of streams is a fertile ground for various trout and salmon, drawing anglers from not only New York but many other states as well.

Fishing Lake Ontario’s Famous Salmon River

The Salmon River NY is the place where big salmons are caught every year. The King Salmon and Coho Salmon run attract thousands of anglers hoping to land a 20+ pound trophy. The latter part of August marks the prime time for catching one of these beautiful fish.

The Sandy’s, A Popular Choice When Fishing Lake Ontario

The Sandy’s are made up three different tributaries; Little Sandy, North Sandy and South Sandy. These streams are all quite narrow, with the largest measuring only 60 feet in width at the biggest point. People looking to be successful fishing Lake Ontario, usually try their luck at the Sandy’s.

Oak Orchard River Angling in the Fall, Winter and Spring

People who like to put on their waders and get out where the fish live will enjoy the angling at Oak Orchard River. Steelhead Trout, Atlantic Salmon and Brown Trout are plentiful in this particular body of water. Ice is not a problem in winter since this is a tailwater river, providing multiple opportunities across fall, winter and spring to catch a fish.

If You Like Fishing Lake Ontario Tribs, You’ll Love the Oswego River

People who simply like to fish and catch a mixed bag of various species will really enjoy all that the Oswego River offers. Salmon, brown trout and Steelhead are routinely caught in this river in high numbers as well as a good supply of largemouth bass, walleye, smallmouth bass and Lake Trout. This is also a place where anglers will encounter lots of other fisherman in the same spot due to the limited amount of space on the banks of the river.

Eighteen Mile Creek Presents Great Opportunity

Drifting a fly in search of a King Salmon or brown trout is a great way to spend time at Eighteen Mile Creek. The large amount of water, along with the swift current, offers a big overflow pool where anglers can hook up with a nice trophy.

The main lake itself offers numerous types of fish. Chinook Salmon, walleye, lake trout, Coho salmon and yellow perch are just a few examples of the different species found in Lake Ontario. The King Salmon is one of the most popular and readily available targets when fishing Lake Ontario.