When Kurt mentioned in his cheerful manner that he suggested we rise at 4:45 to get "the first bite" I was asking myself - "How much do I like fishing"? Of course I was here mainly to support my 12 year old angler who adores fishing with a passion, As the good parents, my husband and I would come along for the ride and hopefully catch a few fish. Truth be told, we all had a great time especially being on the shores of the creek before the sun rises waiting to cast into what we hope were a large school of hungry fish.

This weekend package is a blast. Kurt is a wonderful guide. He is warm, caring, conscientious and dedicated to the success of each of his clients. He never tired of de-tangling our line so we can be casting as soon as possible. And the house is great - cozy and attractive and clean!

Thanks for a great time Kurt.
We will all be back.