Kurt Schultz ... First Blog

Blog? What is this? Please do not be intimidated by its’ name. This blog page is a place where you and I can communicate. It’s a place where I can instantly upload video and keep a journal of our path takings.

Who is Kurt Schultz?

Kurt Shultz - New York State Fishing GuideTo begin, I would like to start by introducing myself and some others that have played roles in making Victory Outdoor Sports what it is today. My name is Kurt Schultz and I was raised in High Falls, NY, in a home located on the Rondout Creek. From the age of 5, friends and I would spend every moment we could throwing spinners for Bass, Pan fish and Pickerel.

Learned from a Legend

Some 30 years have passed since then, and I am still fishing that very same creek. My techniques have changed, but my drive for fishing has not. At the age of about 14, a family friend, Bruce, asked if I wanted to accompany him fishing. Bruce is a NYS fishing legend and was a pioneer in developing techniques for Great Lakes Steelhead Trout and Salmon.

More About Bruce

Bruce has fished with some of the best and has been instrumental in my growth as a fisherman. He took me under his wing and, from the start, he instilled the worthiness of this passion that I had. “The ability to achieve what most don’t,” was what he said. He told me that “10% of the fisherman catch 90% of the fish.” After Twenty years of Bruce’s instruction, a lot of hard work and countless hours, I too have developed my own techniques and have mastered the sport of fishing.

Doing What I Love

With refined skills, my question was, What can I do with them? While many different ideas have crossed my mind over the years and it became clear that guiding was for me. The ability to work at doing what I love makes me feel blessed. To teach others what I have learned and enjoy camaraderie, all while fishing, is what makes me complete.

- Kurt Schultz Licensed Guide