Lake Ontario Coho Salmon

Coho Salmon

When it comes to catching salmon, Salmon River Fishing offers some of the best action in the eastern part of the United States. This Lake Ontario tributary located in New York State provides top notch fishing to numerous anglers every year. Each fall thousands of Coho Salmon along with King Salmon make their journey to spawning grounds. The hatchery provides an excellent spot for fish to return each year and natural reproduction efforts are beginning to show signs of success.

State Record for Coho Salmon

The current record for a Coho Salmon is one weighing 33 pounds that was caught on the Oswego tributary. Although not as big as King Salmon, the Coho puts up a tremendous fight. Anglers love to hook up with a good Coho because they know it will be a catch to remember.

Angling for Coho Salmon

In order to land one of these hardy fish it is important that the tackle, as well as the technique, matches the current conditions offered by the river. The Coho salmon will begin to appear in earnest sometime around the middle of August. At this time a large number of healthy fish will be found at the mouth of Salmon River. Often times the fish will hold up in large groups. A drift boat can be used to catch Coho salmon in these kinds of conditions and the novice angler can really have a lot of fun. Because of their numbers and location it will not require too much skill or experience to get a decent number of fish.

Later in the Coho Salmon Season

As the season moves along, the fish will move further into the river. This is where more skill and a little experience will be necessary. Catching the Coho salmon at this time means using waders, the skill to go across a river while wearing waders and the patience to handle large crowds of anglers.

It is not unusual for people to catch up to 30 Coho salmon in a single day when conditions are good. And it may take 30 minutes to battle one of these feisty fish in order to land him. Without a doubt the Coho Salmon are some real trophies worthy of a good fight!