New York Fishing at its Best

Most people think of the bright lights and the busy city when they hear the words “New York.”  However, New York fishing as a whole offers a lot of great opportunity for all fishing enthusiasts regardless of skill level.

New York Fishing  Anglers can choose between the abundant freshwater locations or try their hand at saltwater tactics.  As a bonus, we also have a world class Salmon and Steelhead Trout fishery.  Contrary to popular belief, Salmon and Steelhead are not destined to run just to the ocean; they are also abundant in America's great lakes as well.  The novice and experienced folks will find plenty of chances to catch great fish in New York.

New York Fishing has a lot to offer

People are not fully aware of the various fishing that the state has to offer.  Salmon lovers can enjoy an outing at Lake Ontario.  The float fishing enthusiast can try their luck against the Steelhead commonly found while Salmon River fishing.  And the saltwater folk can battle against the Mako sharks at Montauk.  If you want to charter a boat to have a little privacy and get away from the crowd there are several options on multiple lakes.  Lake Ontario, Lake Champlain and Lake Erie offer charter boats and guides for people to fish for Walleye, Salmon, Lake Trout and Steelhead fishing.  People can also rent a boat for saltwater adventures.  Some of the popular locations for chartering a boat include Freeport, Orient Point, Long Island and Montauk.  There is something for everyone’s taste and budget in New York.

New York Fishing Rules and Regulations

Due to the variety of fishing and the enormous amounts of available water, New York has multiple rules regarding fishing.  It is best to review the rules pertaining to the particular waterway that you intend to fish.  New York fishing regulations can be found by contacting NYSDEC or by visiting their web site at

New York Fishing License Costs

The price for a license for a New York resident is $ 29.00.  People living outside New York can purchase a license for $70.00.   For those people who intend to live in New York indefinitely there is the option of purchasing a lifetime license and fees can also be found through NYSDEC.  The prices are based on the buyer’s age.

Regardless of the technique, the type of water or the type of fish you want to pursue, you are sure to find it in New York.  It is conceivable that an avid angler could find everything they want from the sport of fishing without ever leaving the state.