Salmon River Fishing

Understanding the addictive power of Salmon angling is only known by the people that have tried their hand at salmon fishing.

Salmon River Fishing

Fishermen from around the world seek this amazingly hard fighting fish and many schedule a trip to New York’s Salmon River fishing mecca.  Every Fall thousands of fish enter this river and begin their migration upstream. When the Salmon run is strong this place boasts of record numbers including huge Steelhead Trout and Brown Trout.

Salmon River Fishing for Beginners

If you are a novice, don’t worry about learning how to fish for salmon.   All the tools you will need for fishing Salmon River fishing are close by.  Local tackle shops provide a one stop angler’s paradise, equipping you with all you need to go head to head with a true tackle buster.  Many local businesses host life size displays of fish mounts, proving what these waters have to offer.  All major disciplines of Salmon fishing are represented in every shop, including fly, float or bottom bouncing.  Shops also post water flow charts informing anglers about when would be the best time for fishing.

New York State: Making for Easy Access

New York State has done an amazing job in being the river’s keeper. The state has many designated fishing areas up and down the river’s edge.  Full access to this great fishery is possible in many areas and drift boat launches are available to those who may want to float the swift current.  The bank angler may encounter some areas of private property that border the river’s edge but some property owners will allow access for a fee.

A Salmon River Fishing Adventure

This is truly a relaxing place where the fishing adventure reigns supreme.   Any time you want to wet your line on the Salmon, you can, the Salmon River is open year round.  Fishing is truly a universal sport open to men and women of all ages.  This makes it a great outing that the whole family can enjoy.  Spending some time on the banks of a river, enjoying the views of Mother Nature and sharing some time catching fish can be a great way to bring a family closer.  Contact us today for more information on a Salmon River fishing trip.

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