Salmon River NY

The Salmon River NY is a excellent fishing destination filled with Chinook Salmon as well as Coho SalmonBrown Trout and Steelhead can also be caught in this tributary of Lake Ontario.  The river comes from the Salmon River Reservoir and continues its winding path over 13 miles before emptying into the the Lake near Port Ontario.  Thanks to the excellent variety and number of fish, the Salmon River in Pulaski NY has become quite popular among anglers.

Best Time to Hit the Salmon River NY

Most of the guides and experienced fishermen feel that the end of August marks the beginning of the King Salmon’s fall run.  The run will go through the end of October when the steelhead begin to flood the waters for their annual trip.  The exact starting and ending dates are determined by water temperature as well as the level of water in the river.  King Salmon can range from twenty pounds and have been known to get as big as forty pounds.

Recommended Lures and Gear for the Salmon River NY

The most common type of gear used during the salmon runs are spinning reels.  Brown trout and Steelhead usually react well to flies but King Salmon are a bit different.  Their goal during the run is to spawn and the idea of feeding really does not cross their mind. Unfortunately, the high number of salmon along with the long spawning period leads to a situation where it is easy for anglers to “lift” the fish out of the water.  This is also called snagging and is illegal on the Salmon River NY.

Abundance of Salmon River NY Steelhead

Although the King Salmon run is great, most anglers that travel to Salmon River NY, come for the Steelhead!  These fish usually range from eight pounds to just over 10 pounds and can be caught consistently beginning in September and going all the way through to May.  When Salmon eggs are plentiful in October to late November Steelhead are quite aggressive and easier to catch.  During this period the lures that seem to work best are woolly buggers, Estaz flies, yarn eggs and egg sucking leeches.  The fishing during the months of December to February can be quite good too, but new anglers need to be prepared.  The temperatures can dip lower than zero, so fishermen need to bring along adequate clothing for this type of weather.  If you are looking for a fishing adventure, Salmon River NY should be at the top of your list.