A Sincere Thank You From Fish Victory

As mentioned before, Victory Outdoor Sports was born with the help of some really great people. This blog was wriiten for the purpose of thanking some of the people that have helped along the way.

I would like to begin by giving my cousin Anthony Wells some well-deserved thanks, as he is the brainchild of this web site. He is credited with building this site and graphics from scratch. Anthony is a graduate if CHICO State University and has majored in Media Production. As you can see, his skillset and artistic abilities are of top quality. He is President of Wells Media, a video production company, and can be reached at tonewells.com

Another honorable mention belongs to Ron Lambertson of the Hudson Valley Sportsman. With over 800 members his web site forum has brought fellow sportsman together like never before. Ron’s web site’s motto is “Sportsman helping Sportsman” and it truly lives up to its name. Sharing friendships, information, tips and tricks, all about the outdoors, is what this site is all about . In the beginning stages of Ron’s site, he invited me to become part of his Fishing Pro Staff and graciously I accepted. Ron and his members have showed great support of Victory Outdoor Sports and if you are interested in checking out his site, look him up at hudsonvalleysportsman.com

While on the technical side of web sites and such I would also like to thank Lou Lynch. Lou is also a website builder with a strong background in SEO (search engine optimization). Lou graciously offered to help me strengthen the site’s viability, therefore strengthening the ability of people to find me. This Blog page was one of Lou’s ideas and I am very thankful. If you think you could use some help with your site please contact Lou Lynch at quickfireinternet.com

While guiding clients this past winter, I was approached by a photographer, Laurie Dirks, who showed great interest in Victory Outdoor Sports. Laurie is not just a photographer, but a photojournalist, capturing outdoor experiences on film. Laurie and I have teamed up and are now offering a photo package available to all of my clients. She will spend the day with us photographing your trip so to keep your memories forever. Please take some time to review her site and her wonderful images. lauriedirkx.com

Through an introduction from Laurie Dirkx, I have found a new friend that happens to be a world class Taxidermist and her name is Carol Graham. Carol’s work is phenomenal and she will be recommended to all of my clients who may be looking to preserve their trophies for a lifetime. Carol has spent her life refining her skills as a Taxidermist and is also Pro Staff for Drury Outdoors. Her work may be seen by appointment or by viewing her web site at dreamseasontaxidermy.com

Lastly I would like to introduce Donald Christmas, who is a great friend and very skilled fishing rod builder. Don’s work is fantastic and the quality is unmatched. Don can create custom graphics and specialty work that will make your rods scream “unique”. I fish with Don’s rods exclusively and they are the best I have ever used. You can see some of Don’s work by checking out his site at westrivercustoms.com