Where the HRs of Different Countries Gain Their Experience

Where the HRs of Different Countries Gain Their Experience

This person is the first to meet you at the new office. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of HRs, as they are responsible for the atmosphere in the office and motivation of the employees. Where do they get these skills? Let’s find out together.


Conferences, Forums, Summits

Listening to reports of experienced experts in the field of HR and to discuss common challenges with colleagues is what makes this format relevant. The special value of this educational format is the diversity of participants’ experience and the ability to understand general trends in the field, get motivation and make contacts.  Most likely, it will not work to gain any skills — although sometimes the organizers provide the elements of training on the topic discussed. The cost of such events is quite high, even if a discount system is offered. 


Training, Master Classes, Workshops

These events are chosen by those who want to get not only knowledge but also the skills that are important for HR. The main selection criteria should be the speaker and his practical experience. Many events of such kind are held for free — for example, master classes and even full-fledged training. They do not take much time — from two hours to several days.


Online Courses

This is an excellent solution that allows you to receive information without leaving your office at any time convenient for you. In addition, this is a great chance to join the best practices for HRs in small towns that do not have the opportunity to attend relevant events in large cities.

 For those who speak English, the choice of courses is simply unlimited.  At the same time, the cost of programs is usually lower than that of classroom ones, but there are also completely free options.  For example, the Coursera mass online education project, where many interesting free offers are available, is very popular among HRs. Other examples of online courses are EdX, Eduget, and Alison.


International Certification

 The professional certificate of a respected international organization implies that HR is guided by the standards adopted by this organization.  It usually positively affects the status, value of a specialist in the labor market and the ability to build an international career. Typically, organizations offer different programs — for example, academic or focused on practical aspects.  The cost of international certification is several thousand dollars. 


Lost in Translation

As you may suppose, many HRs are getting first-hand experience by exchanging their knowledge with colleagues from all over the world. However, there are quite many people who simply do not speak any international language and feel lost in translation. In this case, the professionals from translation bureaus will be happy to assist you in several ways:

  • to make a simultaneous translation of the speech;
  • to translate hr handbook;
  • to translate the materials of the conference, training, etc.

So, do not stop learning, otherwise, somebody will easily replace you. Good luck!

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