Why Is It Important to Have a Translation of Insurance Documents

Why Is It Important to Have a Translation of Insurance Documents

Each state has its own insurance legislation that governs contractual relationships, interpretation of insured events, terms, concepts and more. The policy is included in the recommended set of papers when crossing the border in many countries. The translation of insurance documents is strictly individual. Correct understanding of the situation requires context, one document is not enough.  Almost every individual or legal entity carrying out its activities abroad needs a proper interpretation of documents. Even the language features of the country where the treaty was drawn up affect the understanding of its content. For example, in English contracts, everything that is not excluded is considered to be insured property. At the same time, in the same German documents, all listed points are protected.


When Is It Necessary?

The most popular cases when it is needed to translate insurance documents:

– the field of work of a person or company is related to the need for international insurance;

– the company’s activities are indirectly related to guarantees, for example, logistics;

– upon the occurrence of an insured event, as well as the presentation of claims for damages (like accidents and sudden illnesses) related to foreign operations;

– during a preliminary risk assessment at the stage of evaluating the appropriateness of coverage itself.


 How to Avoid Problems

A pleasant trip can be overshadowed by trauma or malaise, and a person will have to seek medical help in a foreign country. In some cases, agents offer their clients reimbursement of treatment and medication expenses only after returning to their homeland. To do this, it is needed to provide the relevant documents. Receipts and medical certificates must be translated into the language of the country where the insurance company is located. If everything is more or less clear with bills, then the interpretation of medical reports requires a particular approach, and only a translator with specific education can entrust such a task.

Insurance wording is complex and often standardized. The translation of contract terms is not always unambiguous and requires contextual explanations. Another difficulty is the presence of expressions that have several translation options. It is very important to choose the right analog. If this is not done, then it will be quite difficult to prove the case during court proceedings. 

To succeed in the market, insurance companies need to offer a global and personalized approach to meet the needs of a multilingual target audience. This is also the reason why agents need a translation of all documents related to a specific insured event.


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